Virtual Events 1.3.0

Are You Planing Hybrid Events?

One of the great additions to the Outcome Labs list of recommended plugins and tools this past year is the Virtual Events plugin from Modern Tribe. This is an add-on to Modern Tribe’s Event Calendar and Events Calendar Pro plugins which is our recommended tool for managing events from your WordPress site. We have had clients effectively using the Events Calendar and the Events Tickets plugins to manage both free and paid events for several years.

The Virtual Events add-on provides a rich set of tools for managing virtual events. It lets you identify and visually brand events as virtual. This can be highlighted on your calendar. It is fully integrated with Zoom for scheduling and accessing the event. It supports both RSVPs and tickets for virtual events. It will hide and show the video links as needed and you can embed your livestream. It generates structured data and virtual event schema markup so your events display properly in Google search results.

The team at Modern Tribe just announced Virtual Events 1.3.0. This update includes a new feature that will let you identify an event as a hybrid event. The structured data will reflect this as well. This is a great addition to this tool.

Virtual Events Hybrid Events Feature

So are you planning hybrid events for later this year?

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