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Blocksy 2.0

Verifying Blocksy 2.0

The Creative Themes team has announced the availability of Blocksy 2.0 RC2. It is a very significant update. It is definitely worth checking out.
State of the Word 2023

State of the Word 23 Scheduled

This year's State of the Word event will take place on December 11, 2023. This year's event will be held in Madrid, Spain. It will be live-streamed via the social media platforms.
WordPress 6.4.1 Fix Release

WordPress 6.4.1 Fix Release

The WordPress core team announced the availability of WordPress 6.4.1. This release fixes 4 regressions introduced in version 6.4. If you updated to 6.4 you should update to this release as soon as possible.
WordPress 6 4 Shirley

WordPress 6.4 Rolls Out

WordPress 6.4, "Shirley", was released on November 7, 2023. It is the third and final major release of 2023. It includes several new features and improvements.
Patterns Bulk Up

Patterns Bulk Up

WordPress Patterns allow users to create and reuse groups of blocks. In WordPress 6.3, the Patterns system has been enhanced to become more flexible and easier to use.
WordPress 6.3.1 Update

WordPress 6.3.1 Released

The WordPress core team announced the availability of the WordPress 6.3.1 Maintenance Release. This minor release features 4 bug fixes in Core and 6 bug fixes for the block editor.
WordPress 6.3 Lionel

WordPress 6.3 “Lionel” Released

The WordPress core team just announced the release of WordPress 6.3 with the moniker "Lionel". It is named after Lionel Hampton, the celebrated American jazz artist. There are a number of significant new capabilities in this release. Follow along here for more details.
Export Media Library Interface

Export Media Library — Recommended Plugin

Export Media Library is our latest WordPress plugin recommendation. On two recent projects, we needed to export the content of the WordPress Media Library. We needed just the original images, not all the generated thumbnails. After some searching, we found the Export Media Library plugin developed by Canadian Andrej Pavlovic.
Reverse Columns in the Block Editor

Reverse Columns in the Block Editor

The Columns Block is a fundamental feature of the WordPress Block Editor. Currently, it isn't possible to change the order of columns that are stacked on mobile. Luckily, there is an easy CSS fix.