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Building Cards with Stacks

Building Cards with Stacks

Some new options on the WordPress Stack block enable you to design "cards" which stay aligned with different content lengths and across devices. Definitely worth checking out!
WordPress 6.3 Beta 4

Testing WordPress 6.3 Beta 4

WordPress 6.3, the next major release of the WordPress platform, will be released on August 8, 2023. Our team at Outcome Labs has started to verify the release against our sites and for our customers under WordPress Care Plans.
AI Writers Overview Jamie Marsland

WordPress AI Writing Assistants Emerge

Jamie Marsland has provided a concise introduction to four new AI writing assistants that can be used with WordPress. Jamie showcases these tools with clear and insightful demonstrations, highlighting how they seamlessly integrate with the WordPress content creation experience.
WP Simple Hacks

WP Simple Hacks — Recommended

WP Simple Hacks is one of the WordPress and WooCommerce resources we follow on a regular basis. The YouTube channel is @wpsimplehacks. He regularly publishes pieces on very useful topics.
WordPress Block News Jan 16 covers Gutenberg 15

What’s New in Gutenberg 15?

Jamie Marsland of PootlePress reviews two key features coming in Gutenberg 15. Definitely recommend checking it out and subscribing to Jamie's YouTube channel to stay current with his latest.

Congrats Gutenberg Times!

This week is the fifth anniversary of the Gutenberg Times. This newsletter, curated by Birgit Pauli-Haack, is a key resource to learn about the WordPress Block Editor and the Gutenberg project. Want to extend our congratulations and thanks to Birgit and her team for this great resource!
Site Building with WordPress 5.9 versus WordPress 6.2

WordPress 6.2 Site-Building Preview

Here is a short (11.5 minutes) overview of the latest site-building capabilities that are being added to WordPress. These enhancements to the WordPress Site Editor are presented by Anne McCarthy, a WordPress Product Liaison from Automatic.