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John Fleming

Six years ago, businesses of all sizes started to aggressively expand e-commerce, integrate social media into their marketing mix and increase investments in web and social apps. Many traditional agencies and technology providers lacked the resources and expertise to meet these needs or those that could were focused on multi-million dollar projects at the high end of the market.  To meet this unique market opportunity, we merged two fast growing South Florida companies, Biztegra and Outcome Labs, to create Biztegra Partners.  We implemented a unique low-overhead business model designed so one our principals would always be the active lead on every engagement combined with an integrated team of marketing and technology specialists.

The market reception to this unique offering was strong.  Over the past six years, Biztegra has had the opportunity to work with companies of all sizes and across a range of industries.  This included large national brands like Pepperidge Farm, Seaworld, Tupperware and Wilson Sporting Goods. It also included growth companies and start-ups like Client First Financials, Gold Coast Schools, Tandem Solutions and Zavee.

One industry segment we focused on was publishing. The book publishing industry has experienced dramatic changes with the growth of digital products, new distribution models dominated by online retailers like Amazon and the emergence of self-publishing as an accepted path to market. We have done some exciting projects including work with publishers like Oxford University Press, Sage Publishing, Taylor & Francis and Time Home Entertainment. Last year, we launched our cloud-based Publishr Sales and Marketing Platform which is being used by publishers including Abbeville Press, Bold Strokes Books, Dreamspiner Press and Mango Media.

Building on this experience, we are expanding our product offerings and capabilities for the publishing industry.  As part of this expansion, we are proud to announce our new brand, Wewill be retiringthe Biztegra brand. will be headquartered in Coral Gables, Florida and operate as a business unit of our development and investment company, Outcome Labs LLC. The website URL is will market and support our flagship product, Publishr Cloud, and exciting new offerings designed specifically for author and book/series sites.  All of our platforms are designed so the look and feel can be fully customized and they are optimized to stay current with the latest search, social and mobile standards. By moving their site to one of our platforms, authors and publishers can solve tough technology challenges more easily and cost effectively than they ever imagined.

Our goal, as always, is to to help authors and publishers make their books easy to find, easy to buy and easy to share. I hope you will follow us here at to get the latest updates on our products as our research into marketing and technology best practices for authors and publishers. You can get updates on this by subscribing to our newsletter or following one of our social channels. I hope you will join us and share with any author or publisher who is looking for a partner to help take their business to the next level.

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