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BookBub CPM Strategy | Adam Croft

Are you using BookBub Ads?

BookBub CPM
Adam Croft

Interesting interview with Adam Croft on how to maximize results from BookBub CPM ads by the team at Mark Dawson’s Self Publishing Formula.

BookBub Ads are different than the Featured Deals. They run in a dedicated space in BookBub’s daily emails. Advertisers — authors, publishers, agents, and other book marketing professionals — can use this space to promote full-priced books, discounted books, audiobooks, novellas, multi-author box sets, and much more.

Highlights from the interview include:

  • The basics on how BookBub ads work and how to split targeting
  • Getting on the wait list to use BookBub ads
  • Differences from the Facebook and AMS ads platforms
  • The superior reporting of BookBub ads
  • Using BookBub ads for picking up sales at vendors other than Amazon

You can see the interview and download the takeaways on the SPF site.  CLICK HERE

You can also watch on the SPF YouTube channel.

What about you?  Are you using BookBub ads as part of your marketing strategy? We are working with a number of clients on improving the effectiveness of their advertising strategies. A key focus of our research and project mix is how to optimize the mix between Facebook, AMS and BookBub.  We are also working on platform capabilities to optimize advertising reporting and effectiveness.   Let one of our team members know if this is something you would like to discuss.

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