Meet the publishr.cloud team at FAPA 2017 Orlando

Meet us this Friday and Sat at FAPA 2017 in Orlando

The publishr.cloud team will be in Orlando later this week for the FAPA Annual Conference and President’s Book Awards! It should be a great event. This networking and educational event will offer two days of sessions with a focus on The Business of Publishing.  Industry leaders, including Brian Jud, Sheri Stauch, Jennifer Swanson, and our own founder and CEO, John Fleming, will share their expertise and a variety of tools needed to flourish in this evolving publishing environment.  If you haven’t registered yet, you can get your tickets here.

Stop by to meet us, talk about your web and promotional strategy and challenges, and get a demo of our products.

  • Our flagship product, publishr.cloud, is a cloud-based Sales & Marketing Platform designed specifically for traditional and independent publishers. It is fully optimized for search, social and mobile and has powerful promotional, subscription and e-commerce capabilities. It has built in content managers for author profiles, updates, and events.  It has intuitive self-service tools for authors and customers.
  • Publishr Author is designed to be the central hub for an author to enable them to promote their brand and their books. It includes catalog and content management functionality. It enables authors to directly connect with and engage their fans. It can be configured with e-commerce capabilities or just do referrals to a publisher or retailers. Like Publishr Cloud, it is optimized for search, social and mobile.  Publishr Author can be cloud-based or self-hosted.
  • Publishr Book is designed to enable authors and publishers to rapidly deploy a site for an individual book or series.  It can be configured as a promotional tool or extended to support a fan community. It can be cloud-based or self-hosted.

Our platforms can provide a modern, technologically current online presence for your brand. Your website will always be optimized and compliant with the latest search, mobile and social standards. You will not have to worry about technology holding your business back ever again. Your books will be easy to find, easy to buy and easy to share. You will be able to focus on writing, publishing and selling compelling titles to a growing community of readers around the world.

If you want to set up a specific time, you can email us at FAPA2017@publishr.cloud!  We look forward a great conference and meeting you!

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