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KDP Print Adds Ability for Author to Order Wholesale Copies

KDP Print

If you publish your books through KDP, there has been a beta program called KDP Print running since last year so you could create print versions of your books.   This program had more limited functionality than CreateSpace, but it provides a nice option for self-published authors who wanted to use KDP as their primary platform. One of the limitations has been that authors could order watermarked proofs, but could not order wholesale copies.

There was a post last week on the Digital Reader blog that reported on a number of posts on the Kboards from authors who have been notified by Amazon that they can now order wholesale copies. Here is the text of those emails describing this new feature:

We have made updates to your account that allow you to order proofs and author (wholesale) copies of your paperbacks on KDP Proofs allow you to review a physical copy of your draft paperback prior to publication. Learn more here. Author copies are copies of the live version of your paperback that you can order from Amazon. Learn more here. When you order copies of your own book, you pay just the printing costs plus shipping and applicable taxes. Unlike CreateSpace, KDP proof and author copies for the UK and the rest of Europe are printed and shipped from within Europe. By publishing a paperback on KDP, you can reach more readers through Amazon websites in the US and Europe, as well as manage your print and eBook publishing from one website. In addition, you can use the KDP website in English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese or Dutch.

It looks like the cost is in line with what is available from Ingram and cheaper than Blurb.

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