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Publishr Pulse August 12, 2017

Book Marketing Fatigue | The Book Designer

Authors and Marketing Fatigue

Judith Briles | The Book Designer

A good perspective on just how challenging marketing their book is for many authors by Judith Briles, who has authored 31 books, won multiple book awards and co-founded Mile High Press. The article explores how overwhelming marketing a book can be. Judith recognizes that you can get book marketing fatigue, but points out ways effective authors manage this by having a plan and executing it. She ends by asking the challenging question, “Are you an unfit parent for your book?

Edge computing could push the cloud to the fringe

Ron Miller | Techcrunch

Peter Levine, a general partner at venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, has an interesting working theory. He believes that cloud computing is soon going to take a back seat to edge computing — and we will very quickly see the majority of processing taking place at the device level. ”

Facebook Launches Watch Tab

Josh Constine| Techcrunch

Josh Constine at Techcrunch has a good overview of Facebook’s new home for original video content produced exclusively for it by partners, who will earn 55 percent of ad break revenue while Facebook keeps 45 percent. The “Watch” tab and several dozen original shows are rolling out to selected users in the US on mobile, desktop and Facebook’s TV apps.

Audible wants your dog to listen to audiobooks

Dave Parrack| Make Use Of

Dave Parrack describes new offering by Audible called Audible for Dogs. dave lays out “It’s exactly what you’d expect it to be: a place for your canine friends to listen to audiobooks. This sounds crazy, but actually makes a lot of sense once you delve deeper. And Audible has the science to back it up.”