Ten Building Blocks of an Author Platform

Ten Building Blocks of a Successful Author Platform

I am just putting the finishing touches on a session I will be leading at the Dreamspinner Press 2018 Author Workshop in Orlando in two weeks. The topic of the session is “Ten Buiding Blocks of a Successful Author Platform.”  An author’s platform is made up of the people that love to read what they write that the author is connected to through email and social channels. The size and the engagement level of this platform has a massive impact on the success of any author. The goal of this session is to share practical tips to help authors do a “health check” on ten fundamental supporting elements or “building blocks” for their platform.

I thought I would take a minute to share the outline of this session. Here are the ten “building blocks” we will be discussing:

  1. Written Marketing Plan
  2. Target Audience Profile
  3. Compelling Sales Copy
  4. A modern website (fast, mobile friendly, secure) with defined user journeys
  5. A targeted and expanding search profile (content, appearances…)
  6. Growing mailing list and consistent newsletter engagement
  7. The right social channels and strategy for encouraging engagement/UGC
  8. Optimized store profiles with solid search presence
  9. Endorsements, recommendations, and reviews
  10. Conversion-focused ads and promotions

How does this compare with the list you have for your author platform?  What would you add to the top ten and what would you take away?

Ten Building Blocks of an Author Platform
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