Are You Using Blocks for Your WooCommerce Store?

The WooCommerce team at Automatic has been rolling out WordPress Block Editor capabilities since it was integrated into the WordPress core in December 2018. The WooCommerce Blocks plugin is being improved and extended on a very rapid schedule. One area that has not been addressed yet by the WooCommerce team is the product page itself. The theme and plugin developer community has done a lot to fill this gap.

One of the people who has been at the forefront of leveraging the Block Editor for WooCommerce-based stores is Jamie Marsland of Pottlepress. Jamie has been creating commercial WordPress and WooCommerce themes and add-ons for a decade. The video below is a bit of a commercial for Pottlepress products, but it does give you a good overview of how you can use the Block Editor to improve your WooCommerce-based store. Worth a watch.

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