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Blocksy 2.0 Released

Blocksy 2.0 Released

Blocksy 2.0 was released today by the Creative Themes team. You can read the release announcement here. This is a major update to this industry-leading WordPress theme. There are updates to the theme and to the Blocksy Companion and Blocksy Premium Plugins. You can see the changelog here.

Some of the highlights of Blocksy 2.0 include:


One of the key reasons that the Outcome Labs team chose Blocksy as our default choice for new projects in 2020 was its solid, performant architecture. The team at Creative Themes has continued to invest to make the product as fast as possible and to ensure that new features are equally tight and fast. Our testing during the Blocksy 2.0 beta confirmed performance improvements across the product.

New Functionality

Blocksy 2.0 delivers a lot of new functionality. For example, the release includes two new blocks. One is a new Advanced Posts block that takes the Blocksy Posts shortcode to the next level. The second is a new “Dynamic Data” block that we are very excited about. Blocksy already had industry-leading support for Custom Post Types. We think this will take CPT-support to the next level.

WooCommerce Features

Blocksy has always been a good theme to sue with WooCommerce. The Creative Themes team has added extensions that can eliminate the need for a number of feature plugins we have used to implement stores.

New Color System

One of the features that attracted us to Blocksy when it was first released was a color system that fully supported the WordPress Block Editor. Other commercial themes lagged in developing this support. With Blocksy 2.0, the Blocksy developers have delivered a powerful new color system. They have leveraged this to add a “Dark Mode” extension to the Blocksy Pro product.

Lots, Lots More …

We will be doing detailed posts on new features as we roll out Blocksy 2.0 to our own sites and client sites over the next few weeks. Please check back her or subscribe to our journal to get updates. We want to extend our congratulations to the entire Creative Themes team and thank them for the value they have brought to our business.

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