Adding Drop Shadows to Blocks

Drop Shadow in WordPress 6.5

Drop shadow support has been added to the Block Editor UI in WordPress 6.5. This will make this capability available to a much wider group without requiring custom CSS or theme.json changes. This initial release of the Drop Shadow UI features is limited to the Image, Button, Column, and Columns blocks.
Block Themes

Thinking About Moving to a Block Theme?

Here is a short video where Jamie Marsland highlights some of the key capabilities that are available if you transition to a WordPress block theme. Jamie has his own YouTube channel focused on WordPress and has recently partnered with WordPress.com to create educational videos like the one here.

WordPress 6.5 Delayed

The WordPress core team announced a one week delay in the release of WordPress 6.5. WordPress 6.5 is the next major update to the WordPress platform. It was scheduled for release yesterday. Please contact us if you have questions.
Synced Pattern Overrides

Synced Pattern Overrides Preview

Here is a quick overview of a new in WordPress 6.5. that will enable synced pattern overrides. This means you will be able to create patterns for elements that share a common design layout, but can have unique content (headers, text, images, buttons) in each instance. This will make patterns much more useful.
WordPress 6.4.3 Maintenance and Security Release

WordPress 6.4.3 Deployed

We have deployed and verified WordPress 6.4.3. This is a security and maintenance release that the Core team announced on January 30, 2024. It includes five Core defect corrections, 16 defect corrections for the block editor, and two security fixes. 
Tallahassee WordPress Meetup Project

First Block Theme Project

We have completed a number of internal research projects that used block themes over the past few months. This week we kicked off our first project using a block theme where the site will be publicly accessible. This will be a new site or the Tallahassee WordPress Meetup group.
WordPress Gutenberg The Inside Story

Matías Ventura Interview on Gutenberg Project

Jami Marsland interviewed Matías Ventura, the WordPress Gutenberg Lead Architect, this week. It's a 90 minute in-depth interview. They really explored a number of areas related to the Gutenberg project. Defiantly a recommended watch.
WordPress 6.4.2 Update

WordPress 6.4.2 Release

WordPress 6.4.2 was released December 6th. This is a maintenance and security release. The main item in this release is a patch for a critical security vulnerability. Updating to 6.4.2 immediately is highly recommended for all WordPress users.
Blocksy 2.0 Released

Blocksy 2.0 Released

Blocksy 2.0 was released today by the Creative Themes team. This is a major update to this industry-leading WordPress theme. We will be doing detailed posts on new features as we roll out Blocksy 2.0 to our own sites and client sites over the next few weeks.