Cleaning the House

Checking out a new WordPress plugin, AAA Option Optimizer, from Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast and one of the principals of Emilia Capital. WordPress sites can become pretty “cluttered”. Themes and plugins leave option settings set to “autoload-yes” behind after you uninstall them. This means the unused options are being loaded with your site every time it is accessed. There is a nice write-up explaining the issue and how the plugin addresses it. You can read that on Joost’s blog at

WordPress Options Clutter Cleanup

We tested AAA Option Optimizer on a staging version of this site. The plugin identified a lot of “clutter” from themes and plugins that we are no longer using. After verification, we used it to clean up the live site. It is a useful tool you should evaluate.

There are some cautions. AAA Option Optimizer is definitely a “power tool.” You want to make sure you have backups and understand what you are doing if you use it on a production site. It is also early days. The plugin still has less than 50 installs. We will probably test it on copies of some of our larger sites and we will share our findings. Despite those caveats, we definitely give this one a thumbs up!

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