Please Find My Blocks

The Find My Blocks plugin has been a part of our Outcome Labs toolset since just after Eddy Sims released it in December 2019. The "Find My Blocks" plugin helps you identify where WordPress blocks have been used on your site. We were very happy to hear Morgan Hvidt picked up support for the plugin earlier this year. He recently released a major rewrite that we are very impressed with.
WordPress Options Clutter Cleanup

Cleaning the House

Checking out the new WordPress plugin, AAA Option Optimizer, from Joost de Valk, the founder of Yoast and one of the principals of Emilia Capital. It just released, but it looks like it will be a useful tool to clean out the "clutter" on your WordPress site.
Export Media Library Interface

Export Media Library — Recommended Plugin

Export Media Library is our latest WordPress plugin recommendation. On two recent projects, we needed to export the content of the WordPress Media Library. We needed just the original images, not all the generated thumbnails. After some searching, we found the Export Media Library plugin developed by Canadian Andrej Pavlovic.

Update Ninja Forms ASAP

Wordfence has detected four vulnerabilities in the Ninja Forms plugin. Due to the severity of the exploits, an immediate update of the plugin is recommended.
Ultimate Member Plugin

Update Alert — Ultimate Member Plugin

On October 23, 2020, The Wordfence Threat Intelligence team disclosed several vulnerabilities in Ultimate Member, a WordPress plugin installed on over 100,000 sites. The issue has been addressed and we recommend updating immediately.

Recommended Read — WordPress Plugin Roundup

Every month the folks over at iThemes do a nice recap on Wordpress plugins that were added or updated in the past thirty days. For October, they highlighted three that we are researching as possible additions to our toolset here at Outcome Labs.