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Please Find My Blocks

The Find My Blocks plugin has been a part of our Outcome Labs toolset since just after Eddy Sims released it in December 2019. It was a very useful tool during transitions from third-party block libraries to core blocks. We have done this at several points since the Block Editor was integrated into core in December 2018.

The “Find My Blocks” plugin helps you identify where WordPress blocks have been used on your site. It can search and identify WordPress core blocks, third-party blocks, and blocks within Full Site Editing (FSE) templates. The plugin supports custom post types and offers easy filtering options to narrow down searches. Designed for performance, it ensures that site speed is unaffected during its operations. It is a free tool, built for both small and large sites, and integrates well with the latest WordPress and PHP versions.

We were concerned when Eddy announced he would no longer be able to support the plugin. There were some alternatives, but we didn’t like them as well. Morgan Hvidt announced he was picking up support for the plugin earlier this year. Morgan is the developer behind Conditional Blocks and several other plugins. He recently released a rewritten version with a number of great new capabilities. For more details, please see the Find My Blocks site.

Find My Blocks is definitely part of our recommended WordPress toolkit

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