WordPress 6.5 Delayed

The WordPress core team announced a one week delay in the release of WordPress 6.5. WordPress 6.5 is the next major update to the WordPress platform. It was scheduled for release yesterday. This delay was in response to feedback from the WordPress community about where the new Font Manager feature would store fonts. You can read the post from the WordPress core team here.

As part of the post, the core team confirmed a new release candidate. WordPress 6.5 RC4 should be released on Thursday, March 28, 2024 with the updated font storage location and any other related bugs deemed critical to the release. The Outcome Labs team will be verifying this new RC against our sites.

Our team at Outcome Labs was preparing to deploy the release on our verification sites when the delay was announced. We will update our plan to rollout this release once we have evaluated RC4. Please contact us if you have questions.

By the way, we are testing some new prompt engineering processes with ChatGBT4. The featured image for this post was generated that way. Not sure why it thinks there are two “Ls” in DELAY…

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