Block Themes

Thinking About Moving to a Block Theme?

Here is a short video where Jamie Marsland highlights some of the key capabilities that are available if you transition to a WordPress block theme. Jamie has his own YouTube channel focused on WordPress. He has recently partnered with to create educational videos like the one below.

A block theme use blocks to build parts of a site, including navigation menus, header, content, and site footer. These themes are built to work with the Site Editor that is integrated into the WordPress platform. This tool allows you to edit and customize all parts of your site. Jamie highlights some of the key differentiating features of these themes. This includes block-based page/post templates, a style book with revisions, and theme creation. Jamie also demonstrates some of the new features that will be released in WordPress 6.5.

We are been working with block themes in our labs since they were first introduced. While they offer significant advantages over “classic” PHP-based themes, we haven’t felt they could replace our existing development platform which utilizes the Blocksy theme as its foundation. Our team is currently working on a collaborative block theme project with other members of the Tallahassee WordPress Meetup group. The project is using using the default Twenty Twenty Four theme. We will be posting our finding here on our blog if you want to follow along.

Our team is also starting a project to build a WOO-based bookstore to replace a custom application we built for clients several years ago. We have held off on this project because we wanted a way to create an ecommerce platform that could be fully customized by a client without custom development. The WOO team has been working on migrating to the WordPress Block Editor for the past few years. Jamie talks about this in his video. We are excited to see what will be possible.

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