Blocksy Pro Launch

Blocksy Pro Launched

The team at Creative Themes launched Blocksy Pro today. The Blocksy theme is a solid lighting fast theme with a rich set of customization capabilities. The team behind it has obviously built real solutions for people. They have been very responsive in pushing the solution ahead and providing great support. They even have some of the “big” theme developers copying their ideas. We have been using it for several months here at Outcome Labs and it has become our go to solution for most new projects.

Blocksy Pro Launch

Blocksy has a growing community of developers and site owners who are very excited to explore the new range of new capabilities in the Pro version that released today. These include

  • Enhanced Header Builder
  • Header Pro Elements
  • Advanced Menu
  • Enhanced Footer Builder
  • Footer Pro Elements
  • Custom Sidebars
  • Advanced Hooks System
  • White Label
  • Custom Fonts
  • Adobe Typekit Fonts
  • Local Google Fonts

They have also done a nice job with WooCommerce:

  • Quick view — Load a beautiful popup for your products right from the shop page. Galleries, prices and AJAX add to cart included.
  • Floating cart — Display a sticky add to cart button on your product single page. It will stay visible as the user explores the product.
  • Off-Canvas filters —Display the filters on your shop page in an offcanvas for ease of access on mobile devices.
  • Off-Canvas cart — Display your cart in a stylish and customizable offcanvas for even more details on small devices.
  • New single product layouts — More advanced single product layouts on top of already available ones. More beautiful layouts yet to come.
  • Gallery slider (soon) — Wrap amounts of thumbnails in your product galleries in a slider. Useful for saving space on product pages.
  • Multi step checkout (soon) — Split long checkout forms into small and fun to fill steps. Keeps the user focused on actually finishing the checkout.
  • Distraction free checkout — Hide all the irrelevant elements from the checkout flow. Ensures users actually finish their orders.

Here is a link to check out all the features and a link to buy it. This one is worth every penny.

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