Check the latest WordPress and WooCommerce Beta releases

WordPress 5.4 Beta 1

The WordPress core team announced the availability of WordPress 5.4 Beta 1 this week. Here are some snippets from the annoucement:

While the primary goal for 2020 is full-site editing with blocks, contributors to WordPress are working across every area of the project to ensure the software continues moving forward.

WordPress 5.4 Core will merge ten releases of the Gutenberg plugin. This means there’s a long list of exciting new features. This includes two new blocks (social links and buttons), more color options for Button, Cover, Group and Column blocks, and Easier navigation in the block breadcrumbs.

There is is a new Site Health widget on the dashboard that warns administrators of potential issues that could affect their site’s performance or security. A call-to-action button directs them to the Site Health screen for details and suggested fixes.

There are also some accessibility improvements and enhancements for developers.

WooCommerce 4.0 Beta 1

The WooCommerce team announced the the availability of the new better. As a major release, there is a potential for things to break, so definitely worth getting in and checking impact to your store.

Here’s the perspective on this from the Woo team, “…4.0 will be a release that brings some breaking changes, but there’s only a small number of those. We don’t expect the update to cause a lot of problems, as the only truly breaking change is including Action Scheduler 3.0 which already runs on more than 10,000 sites with WooCommerce Subscriptions.”

As part of 4.0, the WooCommerce Admin will be integrated into core. We have been using this on most of our client Woo sites and it is a real value add.

Version 3.0 of the Action Scheduler is also a big step forward.

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