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Facebook Sharing Issue
Facebook Sharing Restored

We recently did a review and update of the privacy settings on our company, clients and personal social accounts.  We generally do this twice a year.  As part of the process, we helped family members review theirs as well.  This caused an unexpected Facebook sharing issue.

My wife had her Facebook post set to share publically.  She decided she wanted to restrict them just to her “Friends.”  While her posts were still shared with me, I was unable to share her posts at all anymore.  This was unexpected and a bit frustrating since, as any of you who know us will realize, she takes all the great food shots!  I really wanted to share (well virtually anyway) these delicious brownies she and my son made, but, alas, I no longer could.

After some research, we found out how to resolve this.   If you go to the Timeline and Tagging settings for the profile, you can set Posts You Are Tagged In as well as well as Other Posts On Your Timeline so they can be shared by your family and friends with their direct networks. You can see this in the image below.

Timeline and Tagging

This only applies when you are trying to share from your Profile.  The same issue does not apply to Pages.

I know my friends – who sometimes live vicariously when I share my wife’s excellent cooking  – will be very relieved!

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