Tallahassee WordPress Meetup Project

First Block Theme Project

We have completed a number of internal research projects that used block themes over the past few months. This week we kicked off our first project using a block theme where the site will be publicly accessible. This will be a new site or the Tallahassee WordPress Meetup group. The Outcome Labs team is working with other local developers on this project.

Tallahassee WordPress Meetup Project

Classic WordPress themes have PHP-based templates to define post and page layouts. They use PHP functions to display content. Block themes define layouts in HTML files that contain block markup. If you are using a classic theme, you will build and customize your site using the WordPress Customizer. You may also use a page builder, custom CSS, and custom PHP code. With a Block theme, you will build and customize your site with WordPress blocks using the Site Editor that was first introduced in WordPress 5.9.

Development of the Site Editor was the primary focus of Phase two of the Gutenberg project. Key functionality was introduced and matured in the last five major WordPress releases (6.0 through 6.4). The Outcome Labs team has confirmed that the key enabling functionality needed to design and build sites with block is now available. Some workflows and user interfaces are still missing or immature, but our team did not feel like these would be an impediment to a successful project.

The Outcome Labs team will be sharing what it learns about developing a site with a block theme during the project. We will identify any issues encountered and how they are addressed. Please follow along here and feel free to ask questions or provide feedback.

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