Full Site Editing Panel

Full Site Editing and Block-based WordPress Themes Discussion

Watch an interesting discussion from last Friday moderated by Bir git Pauli-Haack of Gutenberg Times . This discussion focused on full site editing and block-based themes. This discussion is a great way to learn more about this major upcoming feature of the Block Editor. You will also gain awareness of the impact it will have on WordPress themes.

The goal of the full site editing project is to utilize the power of Gutenberg’s block model in an editing experience beyond post or page content. In other words, the idea is to make the entire site customizable. This editing mode will understand the structure of the site and provide ways to modify global elements like headers and footers. There are three major areas being worked on. These are Full site editing, Block patterns, and Global styles. You can read more about it on make.wordpress.org.

Panelists include Carolina Nymark, Kjell Reigstad, and Eileen Violini. Carolina Nymark is a team rep on the Themes Team. She is also the creator of the Full Site Editing Course http://fullsiteediting.com and a contributor to the Twenty-Twenty Theme. Kjell Reigstad is a Design Director at Automattic. He is a major Contributor to Gutenberg design and Themes team. Eileen Violini is a an active WordPress contributor on the Core-editor team and a Design Engineer at Sidetrack Studio

Watch Live Q & A: Block-based WordPress Themes / Full Site Editing


So, what do you think? Do you like the direction of full site editing? What are you excited about? What are your concerns? Share your thoughts with us below.

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