Recommended Read—Good gzip Overview

One of the key areas every website admin should be paying attention to is making sure their site is fast and responsive. Not only does this ensure a positive visitor experience, but it is a factor that search engines will use to rank your site.

If you manage a WordPress-based site, one of the things you can do to make your site as fast as possible is to configure the platform so your content is delivered to the browser in the smallest package possible. GZIP is an open-source compression utility you can use with WordPress. It works behind the scenes to send your visitors data files that are as small as possible.

This week’s recommended read is from the folks at Elegant Themes. It is a good overview of the benefits of using GZIP to improve the performance of WordPress sites. They also show you how to see if your site is already using it and recommend plugins to add it if you are not using it yet.

You can access the official GZIP home page here.

Here are a couple of other related links:

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