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State of the Word 2020 — Add to Calendar

Be sure to add the annual State of the Word keynote by Matt Mullenweg to your calendar. This year’s session will be streamed on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter on Thursday, Dec 17th, 2020 at 11 am EST.

A Q&A with pre-recorded videos will follow the State of the Word keynote. If you want to participate, record a short video (under a minute) of your question in landscape mode. Be sure to include your name and how you use WordPress. Upload it as an unlisted video (YouTube does this) and send a link to

It has been two years since the WordPress Block Editor has launched as part of WordPress 5.0. The Gutenberg project has dramatically matured the Block Editor since then. The next set of updates will be delivered as part of the core platform next week with WordPress 5.6. You can read about the 5.6 Block Editor here if you haven’t tested with the beta version yet.

This year’s State of the Word will lay out what’s coming in 2021 and beyond. 2021 will see the delivery of Full Site Editing which will dramatically change how WordPress sites are developed. There are lots of discussions about new approaches and technologies for site development and delivery like Jamstack that will have an impact on the WordPress platform, community, and economy.

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