Block Editor in Use

The Block Editor Continues to Accelerate

The Gutenberg team continues to push the Block Editor forward. Here at Outcome Labs, we have moved all of our company sites and almost all new client projects over to the Block Editor as the primary tool for both content creation and for layouts. We do have unique situations where we will use one of the commercial page builders to enable specific functionality or design elements for a client, but we are pushing hard to avoid this.

The recent WordPress 5.4 “Adderley” release brought the Block Editor embedded in core up to version 7.5. The Gutenberg project team has pushed forward with some nice improvements to the Block Editor UI, lots of new color options, and the introduction of Block Patterns (we will be doing a separate post on this great new feature).

You can read more about these improvements here:

So how about you? Are you actively using the new Block Editor on an existing site or to develop a new one? Are you planning the move?

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