Will Block-based Themes Enable Anyone to Write a Theme?

Justin Tadlock did a solid analysis of the proposed strategy for creating block-based themes that was published last month. Even though it is just a starting point for the discussion, it has, as Justin points out, significant implications for the WordPress community and ecosystem.

Here is a key excerpt from the article:

Ultimately, any WordPress user with the correct capabilities (example: administrator WordPress role) will be able to access these templates in the WordPress admin, edit them in dedicated views and potentially export the templates as a theme.

Justin Tadlock

This is where the proposed system could revolutionize website building. Those without the coding skills to create a WordPress theme today could have the tools to contribute something back tomorrow.

Here is the link to Justin’s article on WP Tavern


Here is the link to the proposal


Both are worth taking the time to review if you are a WordPress developer or a WordPress site owner.

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