WordPress 6.3 RC1

WordPress 6.3 Release Candidate 1

WordPress 6.3 is scheduled to be released on August 8, 2023. The first release candidate is now available for testing. Most of the focus of this release has been on the Site Editor, but there are some new blocks, enhancements to blocks, and performance improvements. Earlier this week, Jamie Marsland did a great short overview video, WordPress 6.3 explained in 240 seconds. We included it below.

Pretty cool? The new Pattern functionality is big! Template parts, reusable blocks, and patterns have been combined into a new integrated capability called “Patterns”. This is the initial release. It will need more polishing and is missing functionality like the ability to have synched layouts with dynamic content, but our team sees this as a huge step forward for the platform.

If you want a more detailed overview, here is one from the Kinsta blog that was just published. We will be sharing our findings as we complete our verification process. You can follow those posts here.

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