WordPress AI Writing Assistants Emerge

Jamie Marsland has provided a concise introduction to four new AI writing assistants that can be used with WordPress. These tools include Gutenberg Hub’s AI Writer, Bertha AI, Jordy Meow’s AI Engine, and Human Made’s AI Writer. Jamie showcases these tools with clear and insightful demonstrations, highlighting how they seamlessly integrate with the WordPress content creation experience.

One of the key attributes of the WordPress platform is the ability to easily extend its functionality and integrate third-party services. Each of the demos shows how the WordPress community is leveraging the platform and the Block Editor to improve the content creation process. As Jamie points out, it is still very early. As more WordPress AI writing assistants emerge, you should expect that the authoring experience will evolve and new approaches to integrating AI to be introduced. You must also evaluate the real value of this approach to content creation. Many people will be tempted to use it to “fill the space” rather than as a tool to help them create unique and engaging work.

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