WP Simple Hacks

WP Simple Hacks — Recommended

WP Simple Hacks is one of the WordPress and WooCommerce resources we follow on a regular basis. The YouTube channel is @wpsimplehacks. He regularly publishes pieces on very useful topics. These have included things like theme and plugin reviews, how to’s and lots of tips and tricks. Many of his pieces are short 8-15 minutes, some are a bit longer. They are well produced, clear, and concise. He is very easy to follow and has a dry sense of humor that keeps you engaged. He usually has a deal available if he recommends a third party product.

Here is an example of one of his “tips and tracks” videos coving a bunch of productivity tools he uses in his own business. Definately recommend taking a few minutes to watch and subscribing to the YouTube channel, following on twitter, or adding the RSS feed to your news stream.

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