Blocksy 100k Installs

Blocksy 100k Installs Milestone

Wanted to extend our congratulations to the team at Creative Themes. On Friday, they announced that the Blocksy theme had reached a major milestone with 100, 000 active installations. They are celebrating by offering some great deals. Check out the savings here.

Blocksy 100k Installs
Blocksy Reaches 100k Active Installations Dec 2022

We have been using Blocksy since just after it launched in 2019. It has been our default solution for almost all new projects since the launch of Blocksy Pro in 2020. It is light, fast, and has a range of configurable functionality that has met our needs on a wide range of projects. The support team is small, but they are more responsive and skilled than many of their larger competitors. A special thanks goes to Taha Demirhan for his “above and beyond” work supporting the community.

One of the challenges any WordPress commercial theme shop has today is staying current with a rapidly evolving platform. The development team, led by Sergiu Radu and Andrei Glingeanu, have been focused and forward thinking to keep Blocksy at the forefront of the evolving WordPress ecosystem. The release of support for theme.json in conjunction with the WordPress 6.1 release is a recent example of this.

So, congratulations to the team for achieving this milestone.

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