Blocksy 2.0

Verifying Blocksy 2.0

Blocksy 2.0

Blocksy has been our “go to” theme for Outcome Labs projects since the team at Creative Themes launched Blocksy Pro three years ago. The theme is very fast and feature rich. They have updated the product on a regular basis and have a very responsive support team.

The Creative Themes team have had Blocksy 2.0 under development for a while. They recently announced a public beta. There are details on their Facebook page. They have also released a set of preview videos on their YouTube channel. You can see those here.

Blocksy 2.0 is a very significant update for the product. We are in the process of doing final verification against our own sites and client sites. If you are using Blocksy you will be very pleased. If you haven’t checked it out yet, it will definately be worth your time.

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